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Sahar Yasmine Eshghi
22 June 2005 @ 05:57 pm
Sup Yo, wow i havent updated in ages its just obscene!.... I use xanga now =o i know i know livejournal is better yada yada yada but you know what! suck it! lol.. No but umh.. Poop i dont reakky have anything else to say just wanted to update real quick.. Adios!..

Ohh wait heres a ton of picture if anyone wants to peek
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Sahar Yasmine Eshghi
20 September 2004 @ 10:26 pm
Sahar Yasmine Eshghi
20 September 2004 @ 06:33 pm
I reccently got a xanga and i dont know which one i like better, Xanga or Livejournal? What do you guys think? Or maybe i should just keep them both..Ahh poopie m y allergies are all crazy. School is good, I like North East alot its so nice.... everyone knows each other it seems like. My grades are still good so far all A's still. Math is really easy, im sure it will get alot harder but im just enjoying it while i can. Science is still boering as hell. P.E. Is pretty cool, we just started a walking unit so all me and ashton do all hour is basically talk. English is ok, Jamie is in there and shes pretty cool so. Picture day was the other day, i think my pictures might be *decent* god i hate pictures im like the most unphotogenic person on earth. You know who has the best cake? Chuckee Chesse. Did i mention my sister got a job there? Yeah pretty funny. Me and christina got in a argument the other day... I dont know what to think she still hasnt called me and its been like 3 days, its starting to seem like everything she tells me is bull crap...But ill give her a chance. I made my own purse and its soo cute you gotta check this out!
Sahar Yasmine Eshghi
06 September 2004 @ 01:56 am
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Sahar Yasmine Eshghi
04 September 2004 @ 02:03 am
Yesterday i went to the foorballl game with christina it was hieghts vs southeast, of course hieghts won, it was alot of fun though i think im going to start going to all of the football games. After that me and christina and some people with to braums and ate a little bite of food. I loved that whole day. Today i went and saw spiderman 2 with sean it was sooo long it seemed like, but it was good.
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Sahar Yasmine Eshghi
01 September 2004 @ 02:23 am
I know i haven't wrote in a while but just kinda been busy and tired. Anywho school is good my favorite class is PE but man do my muscles ach i mean 2 hours of exersizing 5 days a week!? Im about to die lol.. So far i HATE science it is sooo boering and the people in my block are kinda boering. Im going to try and get a 4.0 gpa this semester, i think i can, i hope i can. All the guys at NE are reallly immature and stupid and anyoing gah, like i mean its like they are going threw the elementry school phase were they are mean to the girls but they really secretly like them....well ok maybe thats just the guys in my PE class but....I made friends with this one girl shes really nice her name is Jamie, so thats pretty cool. Ive decided what i want to make a carrer of heres my choices: Tv reporter, Magizean writer, Lawyer, or anything that has to do with fashion and stuff something like interior design. but anywho im gonna get off goodnight!
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Sahar Yasmine Eshghi
28 August 2004 @ 03:53 am
Poop. School is ok but im getting agitated because im not makeing... as many friends as i would *like* but besides that pretty good. I mean i have like at least one friend in every class so thats cool. Anywho Christinas Birthday is this weekend WOO lol and im not getting her a gift! lol no not because shes a little bitch but because i have no money! lol dont worry christina youll get your gift in like a month ...or two..three? lol But i need to say i love you christina! HAPPY 16th BDAY! ok...besides her b-day what else is new...nothing.. I bought this tea that makes you poop...not a good thing..not at all lol... I think im going to go though bye!

My favorite song in the worldCollapse )
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Sahar Yasmine Eshghi
24 August 2004 @ 01:09 am
I woke up this morning ab out 5 nd got ready for my dun dun dun dunnn *first day of highschool!*. Yeah it sucked because it was raining outside, but it stoped after like 20 minutes. So i get to NE and im all nerveouse about not seeing anyone i know, turns out brooks people were like half the people there so that was pretty cool. We played activities which were uh kinda dumb yet amusing. After that we went threw our schedual, alot of people noticed i was Saras little sister, I just hope they dont always call me that. All my teachers seemed pretty nice and i liked my schedual. Seems like alot of the freshmen are pretty neat, well some were just stupid and anoying but anywho tomarrow comes my REAL first day of highschool with all the seniors and juniors and sophmores yay..Eh they dont seem to bad though.Well i think im going to go play a game bye bye!
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Sahar Yasmine Eshghi
19 August 2004 @ 03:42 am
Today i went shopping for my school supplies. I got a really cute pink back pack and cute notebooks and folders and like 235434 writing utensils. Im pretty excited for highschool, im hoping ill make some new friends...that are girls lol. I got my schedual but im to lazy to go get it so ill put it up next post. My School ID is actcually pretty cute too for me not being photogenic. Tomarrow I get to go to the dentist, yay.. I love getting my teeth cleaned.. anyways umh i think im going to go.. i know i know short post but oh well deal with it. Oh did i ever tell you guys i got my hair cut and i love it? It's really pretty. Well, I think I have said all that i need to say. Goodnight Kansas

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